V134 Road and Scooter Tyre

VEE RUBBER V134 TT & TL Road and Scooter Tyres

Motorcycle Replacments

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  • All Purpose.
  • Street Pattern.
  • Entry Level.


Description: Part No:  Front/Rear: Type:
 3.00-10  V10300V134   F/R  Scooter Tires
3.50-10 V10350V134 R  Scooter Tires
90/90-10 V109090V134 F/R  Scooter Tires
100/90-10 V1010090V134 F/R  Scooter Tires
120/70-12 V1212070V134 F  Scooter Tires
130/70-12 V1213070V134 R  Scooter Tires


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