REVIT Tryonic Back Protector Black/Blue TPB003

TRYONIC SEE + Back Protector Black Blue

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TRYONIC SEE + Back protector

CE Level 2: Maximum level of protection. The TRYONIC SEE + back protector complies with the EN1621-2 CE level 2 standard and is tested to this full standard in temperatures of -20 to +40 degrees centigrade.

Technical Features:

  • Anti-penetration outer shell – The polypropylene outer shell provides maximum protection against penetration, this is a major point of difference with soft back protectors
  • Ergonomic – The SEE + is extremely flexible offering great freedom of movement.
  • Protection against impact – the specially designed EPS inner core exceeds the European CE standard for level 2. The SEE + is tested to an average residual force transmitted to the back through this protector of 7.7 Kilo-Newton (Kn) The CE level 2 standard allows up to 9Kn
  • T.C.F TRYONIC Custom Fit Closure System – This is a patented system allows the wearer to customise the length of the waist belt to personal preference. 
  • Flexible patented padding – Polyamide fabric surrounded by thermoformed padding for greater comfort, breathability and lighter weight. 

Sizes S to XL

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