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TRYONIC Feel 3.7 Back Protector White Blue

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TRYONIC Feel 3.7 Back Protector

CE Level 2: Maximum level of protection. The TRYONIC FEEL 3.7 back protector complies with the EN1621-2 CE level 2 standard and is tested to this full standard in temperatures of -20 to +40 degrees centigrade.

Technical features:

  • Anti-penetration outer shell – The polypropylene outer shell provides maximum protection against penetration, this is a major point of difference with soft back protectors
  • Ergonomic design – The TRYONIC Vertebra patented joint system connects the outer shell components in comfortable and flexible way. This design makes the FEEL 3.7 comfortable, flexible and safe
  • Protection against impact – the specially designed EPS inner core exceeds the European CE standard for level 2. The Feel 3.7 is tested to an average residual force transmitted to the back through the FEEL 3.7 of 3.7 Kilo-Newton (Kn) The CE level 2 standard allows up to 9Kn
  • T.C.F TRYONIC Custom Fit Closure System – This is a patented system allows the wearer to customise the length of the waist belt to personal preference.  This is why everybody can be served with 3 sizes only
  • Breathability – The FEEL 3.7 features a 3D mesh back panel with a COOLMAX® layer. There are vents that allow cooling air to travel right through the protector

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