PINLOCK Fog Resistant Insert Lens for HJC

Motorcycle Replacments

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The Pinlock lens is created out of a moisture absorbing plastic. The silicone seal on the Pinlock creates an airtight double visor. These two features make Pinlock the best fog resistant system there is.

 Available for:

Partnr      Model   Tint
PDKS088C Fits: HJ-05 - HJ-07 - HJ-09 - HJ-17 Clear
PDKS088DS Fits: HJ-05 - HJ-07 - HJ-09 - HJ-17 Dark Smoke
PVRPHA10+C RPHA-10plus - HJ-20P Clear
PVIS17C  IS17; FG-ST; FG-17; RPHA-ST, C70 - HJ-20M Clear
PVIS17CLS  IS17; FG-ST; FG-17; RPHA-ST, C70 - HJ-20M Photochomatic
 PDKS161C RPHA11; RPHA70 - HJ-26 Clear
PVHJ29C Fits: RPHA90 - HJ-29 Clear
PDKS238C Fits: i70 - HJ-31 Clear
PDKS266C Fits: f70 - HJ-32 Clear


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