CRC8282 - Water Based Spray Adhesive 550ml

CRC - ADOS Water Based Spray Adhesive

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General Purpose Solvent-Free Adhesive

ADOS Water Based Spray Adhesive is a general-purpose, low-odour adhesive formulated for bonding a wide variety of light-weight materials. Particularly suited for convenient use in confined spaces, it has many applications in professional arts, stage and set building, general labelling and around the house.

ADOS Water Based Spray Adhesive is applied with a controlled spray pattern to minimise overspray, any excess can easily be cleaned up with water. It dries to a clear flexible film that will not yellow when exposed to UV radiation. Suitable for bonding porous and non-porous surfaces, polystyrene, foams, plastics and other sensitive materials likely to be damaged by solvent based products.

Features & Benefits

  • Low odour, exceptionally low VOC – Suitable for use in confined spaces and areas without ventilation
  • Non-toxic, solvent-free – For increased user-safety
  • Easy clean-up with water – Easy and convenient
  • Dries clear – For seamless repairs and non-visible glue lines
  • Suitable for sensitive surfaces – Polystyrene, foams, plastics, and other materials likely to be damaged by solvent-based products
  • Convenient aerosol application
  • Fast set-up


  • Bonds most light-weight substrates – Paper, cardboard, fabrics, polystyrene, foams, plastics, wood, vinyl, aluminium, etc.
  • Professional crafts and trades – Stage and set building, prop making, trade show booths and displays
  • Around the house – Bonding and repair of fabrics, vinyl and wall coverings, attaching draw liners, wall paper
  • Boats, camper vans and other confined spaces – Attaching and repair of vinyl and other wall coverings, automotive interior trim assembly
  • Labelling and packing – Adheres labels and barcodes to nearly any surface, assembly of cardboard boxes, filling and sealing cardboard boxes by hand, opening and re-closing boxes for inspection and quality control, re-using cardboard boxes
  • Sensitive materials – Suitable for use on polystyrene, foams, plastics, insulation material and other material likely to be damaged by solvent based products 

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