ARTRAX Racing Oversized Disc Rotors

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Artrax Racing Oversized Disc Rotors

Artrax Racing Oversized Disc Rotors offer outstanding performance and increased stopping power for all late model off road bikes.  It is a 270mm full floating rotor made from high carbon steel construction for maximum durability.   It includes a billet calliper bracket for proper relocation and easy installation.

Technical Tips

Mounting a new rotor.  Make sure the contact area on the rotor and hub are completely clean, centre the rotor on the hub and tighten to the OEM torque specs.  New brake pads should always be installed when fitting a new rotor and we strongly recommend that new disc bolts are also fitted.

Pad Compatibility

  • Artrax Racing Oversized Disc Rotors can be used with any type of brake pads, including sintered bronze, Kevlar and ceramic carbon.

Check Sprint 3 for fitments

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