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  • Artrax MX Pro tyres offer excellent traction in ruts and flat corners.
  • Tread pattern offers great traction in all terrains and improves braking grip.
  • Durable tyre compound.

Available sizes:  

Description: Part No:  Front/Rear: Type:
80/100-21  A2180100AT3210 Dot F Super Enduro
80/100-21  A2180100AT3268 F MX/Enduro
100/100-18  A18100100AT3266 R MX/Enduro
100/90-19 A1910090AT3205 Dot R MX/Enduro
100/90-19  A1910090AT3266 R MX/Enduro
110/90-19 A1911090AT3205 Dot R MX/Enduro
110/90-19  A18110100AT3266 R MX/Enduro


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